I love this time approaching the start of a new year. Hooray for having time to sit down and reflect on the twelve months past, and look forward to those ahead!

My 2018 goals were (https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....goals-long):

  • Continue using the 5-piece French system, with two annual purchasing seasons, focusing on natural fibers, sustainability, quality, and longevity.

I ended up buying a total of 35 wardrobe pieces this year (including gear, basics, accessories, and loungewear), with 11 statements, so one over my 5-piece/season goal. My statements (most in finds)

floral silk dress (fall/winter)
embroidered cotton duster sweater (fall/winter)
dark mustard wide-leg pants (fall/winter)
light mustard sweater (fall/winter)
neutral floral viscose dress (fall/winter)
mahogany merino long cardigan (fall/winter)
burgundy cashmere scarf (fall/winter, not shown, but it's this one)

striped cotton button down skirt (spring/summer)
rust linen shell (spring/summer)
rust modal blouson tee (spring/summer)
rust linen skirt (spring/summer)

Only one item (the EF mustard wide legs) wasn't a natural fiber, though the viscose and modal pieces are borderline.

  • Combat boredom by including interesting and unique items in my purchasing plans and leaving room for emotional purchases.

I was pretty happy with my statements this year. I didn't plan most of them in advance, and still stayed close to my goal. They all added something new and interesting to my wardrobe, whether that was an injection of a new color or a happy-making print.

  • Create a hot-weather, work-at-home uniform. I really enjoyed having a go-to uniform for most of the year, and I think it helped my productivity on dedicated work days. I'd like to come up with an equivalent for summer.

I tried out skirts as a summer uniform, which was fine, but I didn't love the result. They just weren't as practical or comfortable as I would have liked. Next summer will be different for me, as I'll probably take most of it off for relocation. It may be another year before I come up with a really great summer formula.

  • Purchase a bit less. I don't feel like my 2017 purchases were obscene, but part of the appeal of buying higher quality is getting more wear out of each piece.

I actually bought a bit more, but so far, this year's purchases are serving me well. Looking back at the list, there's really only one item that I would call a mistake.

  • Be better about keeping up with hair and makeup. I always wait too long for cuts and, while I'm happy with my simple makeup routine (BB cream, smudgy eyeliner, lipstick or gloss), I would like to do some experimentation to switch to natural products.

I barely noticed this happening, but looking at my skincare and makeup collection, I've switched almost entirely to natural products. If anyone knows a natural brand that makes a great BB Cream or tinted sunblock with at least SPF 30, that would complete the transition for me. Hair has been better this year too, as I've started making appointments as I leave the salon. No delays or excuses!

  • Find alternatives to black bottoms. I have a lot of black tops and too many black bottoms for my preference. Ideally, I'll find some pieces that are rich in texture and nuance.

I think I've done pretty well at this too. Bottoms I added this year included a striped skirt, blue jeans, a rust skirt, and mustard wide-legs. (Also, two black skirts. Old habits...)

  • Update my gear capsule. I go to the gym 3-4x per week, and I haven't bought new gear in several years. It's time.


  • Update my wardrobe with more "pretty" items, including florals, lace, and silk. These make me happy.

I've definitely done this, but more with my winter items than summer. Perhaps a focus for 2019, should be some prettier summer pieces, especially since that will soon be my dominant season.

I'm still thinking about goals for 2019. I suspect a lot of them will revolve around acclimating to a new location/climate, increasing sustainability, and finding my style happy place for the new year.