My last order is out, last show is done, online shop is closed, so it's time to sit down down and write a long, self-absorbed, wardrobe analysis post. Yay!

2017 was a good style year for me.

  • I purchased 30 wardrobe items (counting everything except underpinnings and sleepwear, including jewelry, footwear, handbags, and gear, as well as regular clothing). I don't know how many pieces I got rid of, but I'd assume a similar number, as my wardrobe size hasn't really grown. My statement and "upgraded essential" purchases for the year are shown in Finds.
  • I defined my essentials this year, which really helped to focus my shopping and hone in on my style.
  • I tracked wears for all but 12 days over the course of the year (so far).
  • Only 6 of my 2017 purchases have not yet met the 10-wear threshold for the first year. These are mostly winter items that should get more play in the next couple of weeks/months, as we've had an unseasonably mild season thus far.
  • My summer wardrobe felt better than ever. This is always a struggle for me, but 2017 was helped by the addition of a few higher-quality pieces.
  • I definitely upped the quality factor on my purchases this year, spending more per item, and it shows. I think my 2017 additions will have more longevity than previous purchases.
  • I changed up my hairstyle, adding bangs for the first time in decades.
  • Brands that continued to work for me this year include Eileen Fisher, Eddie Bauer, London Fog, Born, and Converse.
  • New to me brands this year included Pendleton, Tolani, Sevilla Smith, Sorel, and Juliannarae

Goals for 2018:

  • Continue using the 5-piece French system, with two annual purchasing seasons, focusing on natural fibers, sustainability, quality, and longevity.
  • Combat boredom by including interesting and unique items in my purchasing plans and leaving room for emotional purchases.
  • Create a hot-weather, work-at-home uniform. I really enjoyed having a go-to uniform for most of the year, and I think it helped my productivity on dedicated work days. I'd like to come up with an equivalent for summer.
  • Purchase a bit less. I don't feel like my 2017 purchases were obscene, but part of the appeal of buying higher quality is getting more wear out of each piece.
  • Be better about keeping up with hair and makeup. I always wait too long for cuts and, while I'm happy with my simple makeup routine (BB cream, smudgy eyeliner, lipstick or gloss), I would like to do some experimentation to switch to natural products.
  • Find alternatives to black bottoms. I have a lot of black tops and too many black bottoms for my preference. Ideally, I'll find some pieces that are rich in texture and nuance.
  • Update my gear capsule. I go to the gym 3-4x per week, and I haven't bought new gear in several years. It's time.
  • NEW! Update my wardrobe with more "pretty" items, including florals, lace, and silk. These make me happy.