This is the list so far and clients who don't want to wear jeggings love them. Already though, many styles sold out and size curves broken. Hopefully there will be more to choose from in a couple of weeks.

Very annoyed with Premium Denim brands. I don't know what they're thinking giving us white jeggings in fabric you can shoot peas through. And very pricey too. If that's the "it" style that's selling - okay. That's fashion. But we need variety. Many of us want our jeans to look like jeans - (or maybe we're in the minority these days?)

My go-to brand KUT hasn't done good white jeans this season either. And Boden is only offering the jeggings style in white. J.Crew has thinned their white denim fabric, and Madewell white jeans generally looked like jeggings (apart from one style). Disappointing.

All thoughts and suggestions welcome.