Hi All,

Week two of the capsule was a very weird week. We had our annual quality audit planned - and it was cancelled at the very last moment - due to the re-emerengence of Covid19 in NZ. At the moment some of NZ is back in strict restrictions with school closed, restaurants, hairdressers and gyms closed, and the rest of us are in a monitoring and tracking phase. I am not in Auckland so in the less restricted part, but we have had to plan and replan a few times this week. And after such a long run without Covid people have been shaken and are disappointed of course. Such a sneaky virus.... We have now been advised to wear masks at times so I have been doing so in shops or crowds.

So having a very defined set of clothes did make things easy. I had two days working from home, and three days at the office.

With four tops and three bottoms there were twelve potential outfits that I could wear. I wore nine of these with one repeat (with different footwear), There were two combinations that I tried and did not like (striped top with skirt, and cardigan with jeans). The pink sweater and the skirt do work together but I didn't wear that combo.

Most of the combinations I will wear again but not the black boots with jeans. I also feel the crops are JFE...but only just. The grey sweater looks very different in the two pics - different times of the day.

I wore a few accessories as well but tried to limit them.

- black cross body bag
- brown slouchy bag
- toffee wrap short coat
- white belt (only once)
- three scarves
- silver pendant
- black cuff

Yes I would give this a go again because it is fun to play with my wardrobe, but I don't like being this restricted. It limits me to plainer more versatile pieces to gain the ability to mix and match.

At the end of this I have decided the patterned cardigan is both stretched and shrunken as can happen with cheap knitwear - I have had 18 months of wear from this Zara cardigan bought for $11 so it will go to recycling. I would like a replacement short cardigan though as I don't own another.

I have hacked a bit more off the jeans.

And I realised that I have lost some of my love affair with black footwear. I do like and enjoy black but footwear not as much right now.

I am thinking that I might do a week of not wearing black clothes or footwear, and a week of dresses and skirts.

Here is a link to last weeks outfits.


Thanks for looking.

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