I realized in August that i was coming up on a milestone anniversary. I’ve now part of this wonderful community for 10 years!

I joined because I was nearing 50 and struggling to figure out how to stay modern and updated at work, how to translate what I saw in stores, and on other people into my closet and outfits. Back when I joined work was business casual leaning more business. Over time, the pendulum moved to business casual with the emphasis on casual, but no jeans or sneakers, to jeans and sneaker ok, to post pandemic and I’m not sure if we still have an actual dress code. And now the line between work and non work wear is pretty thin.

When I joined, I was wearing a lot of black, and my wardrobe had a lot of pieces that didn’t necessarily play well together. Now, I’m mostly transitioned my black to navy, so much so that it’s kind of become my signature color

I’ve worked hard to buy for my real life, and not the life I’d like to live. In my fantasy life I need a lot of really sharp smart casual clothes for dining out and gallery openings, if you’re of a certain age, you know that life they lived in Sex in the City, but that I never lived, and never knew any one who did. Mostly I’ve been successful, but will admit the past 2.5 years have been kind of confusing on that, ie will I go back to wearing blazers, feel the need to wear a heel?

I’ve been working hard in the last decade to think more about how an item will work with and in my current closet. To think about trends as optional and pick and choose which ones I buy. I’ve re thought about how/what I think of as age appropriate. And i’ve become, or at least I think I have become, less judgmental and more open to how others dress.

As I move into the next decade, I see changes coming, but I’m aware that as much as I change, at my core I am a little bit preppie, a little bit structured and a lot minimalist. That at its core my style is the same, but what I wear and how i wear it, is changing and evolving.

Which leads me to my style moniker and adjectives. The YLF beehive helped me to narrow and distill these, and as I look at them now 4 years later, (yes it took me that long to complete that exercise). I still think they are who and what my style is.

Style Moniker: East Coast Eclectic

Style Adjectives : Current, Classic, Crisp, Coordinated, Comfortable

If your still reading, thank you.

For all of the fabulous fabbers who have commented , made suggestions and sometimes just cheerleadered for and with me, thank you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions. Thank you for always being positive., even when giving critical feedback. Thank you for helping me see things I’d missed and for showing me how to look at and view fashion thru a lens different from mine. Most of all, just thank you for being my fashion friends and allowing me to be yours.

Below are some of my favorites from 2016 to now, (during one of my phone updates I lost my WIWs from before that year, but if you really want, here’s a link to my 1st WIW post


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