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Fab Links from Our Members

Nuancedream hasn’t yet watched the Netflix series about Halston, but even as a teenager she loved the elegance of his designs, and she fondly remembers the line he produced for JC Penney. 

Marlene1 really appreciated this post showing women of different shapes and sizes trying on a variety of swimsuits — some bikinis, some one-pieces, some pricey suits, some from Target.

Suntiger was disappointed to learn that pockets in men’s pants are larger than the ones in women’s pants.

She also enjoyed these photos of singer Stevie Nicks’s style evolution.

With sneakers really trending, and the fact they have become both the go-to for wearable footwear, and have become a collectible commodity, kkards is interested in anything sneaker-related. This article lays out how the colours are picked and why. Which is interesting, but, she adds: “The comments are really were it’s at.”

Shevia thought this book review sounded intriguing, and has put a hold on the book at the e-library.

Bijou applauds that Elle MacPherson recycled her iconic Gucci power suit 15 years after she first wore it.

When Mary Beth saw Angie’s post about scrunching, tucking, popping and cuffing, she remembered this Alyssa Beltempo styling hacks video from a year ago.