As many of us are wearing face masks daily, the fashion world is starting to pay more attention to them as well:

Fab Links from Our Members

Brooklyn enjoyed this blog post on pairing shoes with midi skirts: “Very analytical, great visuals and a nice ‘no right or wrong’ attitude.”

Joyce B directs us to this NYT article on Ray Darten, one of the labels that was recently featured on YLF.

Since we were talking about jeans last week, suntiger thought this article could be of interest.

Nuancedream recommends this CBC article on how consignment and thrift shops are adapting to, and even thriving in a pandemic.

Runcarla thought this was the most sanguine article on post-pandemic fashion trends that she’s read, and encapsulates her feeling on where fashion is heading — for good or for ill.

She also liked this article about dressing up during quarantine.

Neatnic and LAR101 found this article on the recent ‘unravelling’ of the fashion industry interesting.

It’s hard to shop exclusively online when you can’t judge the true colour of an item, the feel of a fabric, how it drapes… But what about when you can’t judge anything else because of how hard the website is trying to be editorial? Vildy very much enjoyed this Reddit discussion on the topic.

Sal thought this was an interesting article about changes in branding and body inclusivity: The Lingerie Brand That Picks Models Without Seeing Them.