The knitwear and dress assortments were disappointing, which is why there are fewer top picks in this section. Too much of the mundane same in pricey knitwear, and too many oversized, poor quality pieces at the more affordable price points. Many of the dresses had bad fits, inferior fabrics, and unattractive patterns, not to mention too short lengths. The tops were better.

IMPORTANT: Check whether the items are available in petite and plus because I’ve only provided the description in regular sizes. In some cases regular sizes can work on petites, and regular size ranges extend into larger sizes.


  • Flowers in Her Hair Smock Detail Tunic Top: A fun boho blouse for Team Tall that also comes in blue and red versions of the pattern. Super cute '70s smock detailing. Best on Team Tall and runs two sizes big.
  • Rebecca Ruffle Puff Sleeve Blouse: This blouse comes in three patterns and is charming on a narrow shoulder and smaller bust. Might need to size down. You have to like frills to like this blouse.
  • Perfect Blouse: A repeat style blouse that is crease-resistant, comfortable, and drapes well. It also layers well under a jacket, and is fab for travel. Comes in a few patterns. Size down.
  • Watercolor Petal Silk Blouse: A beautifully drapey and billowing blouse that looks gorgeous on a curvy figure. Quality piece. The volume collapses onto the body, and wearing the silhouette feels quite luxurious.
  • Slim Fitted Stretch Silk Blouse: A classic quality piece that looks as good with a skirt and pair of trousers as it does with jeans. Tuck, semi-tuck or leave it out. Add a little bling, pull up the sleeves, and Bob's your uncle.
  • Stud Trim Hammered Satin Blouse: This looked good on a range of body types. Flirty, fun, easy and interesting. Great left UNTUCKED. Comes in four colours.
  • Dobby Stripe Boyfriend Shirt: This shirt looks better in person, and is super cute because of the horizontal stripes on the pocket and placket. Slubby, casual, and great for Summer with white jeans or shorts. Available in a darker colourway too.
  • Courier Double Windowpane Shirt: This shirt looks best semi-tucked because it's gigantic. Size down and it's still big, and meant to be. The sleeves look fab cuffed for a little more structure. The fabric is crisp and lovely. Looks extra trendy partially tucked into wide crops.
  • Three Quarter Sleeve Side Slit Tunic: An easy throw-on-and-go that's comfy and available in solids and patterns. Size down.
  • Daisy Stripe Tee: A better-than-basic tee that looks fab with wide crops or straight legs. Cute over a skirt too. It's supposed to be very fluid, and does not run big as the review suggests. It looks best very fluid.
  • Striped Tee with Grosgrain Trim: I adored this boxy tee because it's different to a regular striped tee. The sleeves are boxy too, which looks architectural. Size down two sizes and it's just fine worn UNTUCKED. Available in three colours.
  • Stripe V-Neck Tee: A fab classic form-ffitting tee in a tonal stripe, although it comes in black and white. Luxurious fabric, and as lovely for layering. The neckline is quite shallow, and looked good on every client.
  • Scoop Back Knit Top: Party at the back! Check out the scooped back neck. These are form-fitting, and great worn ruched over skirts. They look fab worn UNTUCKED although they haven't been styled that way. Fab tucked into voluminous bottoms too. Comes in eight colours.
  • It's in the Stars Tee: Fun tee to wear with a blazer, tuck into a dressy skirt, or combine with jeans, shorts and utility pants. Easy breezy.
  • Pattern Sleeveless Top: A handy shell top to wear under cardigans and jackets UNTUCKED, and looks better in person. The floral has the best fit of the three. Might need to size down.
  • Hunter Plaid Shirt: A much more refined plaid shirt that's awfully soft and drapey. Feels very yummy against the skin. Comes in five plaids, and can be worn UNTUCKED. It works well for curvy body types with a larger bust, as well as straighter figures with smaller busts because of how well it drapes on the body. It will need to be pressed after laundry to look fab.

Here’s the collection page if you would like to see the items alongside my descriptions.


  • Beffi Ribbed Peplum Sweater: A beautifully crisp peplum sweater that swooshes as you stride. Substantial fabric, and I HOPE it's a quality knit. It's form-fitting and best on a longer neck and regular or smaller bust. Too short for long waists and rises. The navy earned a place in my wardrobe. I'm wearing it over high-rise jeans and pants.
  • Longline Cardigan: The cardigan lives up to its name by creating a long lean line - and works on petites. It's lightweight and comfortable. The muted colours are soft, which adds to the ethereal vibe of the item.
  • Mixed Cable Wool & Cashmere Blend Sweater: The best cabled pullover at the sale if it doesn't pill. The slouchy fit is tempered by the shorter length. Best on a longer neck. Runs TTS - not big.
  • Merino Wool Sweater: A refined and pretty V-neck on a larger bust. The fluid fit is elegant. Works well worn over black pants with leopard or snakeskin footwear.
  • Crewneck Sweater: This pullover comes in nine solids and stripes and created a good fit on almost all my clients. It's short, and works well as a top worn over higher rises UNTUCKED. TTS it fits tighter than the fit on the model. If you want a looser fit - size up. Cosy.
  • Ribbed Sweater: Fabulous form-fitting rib pullover made of substantial yarn so that it doesn't cling. Nice long length that looks great UNTUCKED. Comes in eight solids and patterns. Comfy and streamlined.
  • V-Neck Sweater: Best on Team Broad Shoulders, and runs a size big. Fun boxy silhouette with a great shallow V-neckline.
  • Bishop Sleeve Sweater: Best on Team Tall with Long Arms. Great length and comfy fit. Pretty blouson sleeves make a nice change. There were more colours in-store.
  • Into the Wild Sweater: The placement of the colour blocking on the sides visually narrows the torso very effectively. The stud detailing is fun too. More fluid in person, and not as form-fitting. Great with salt and pepper or grey hair. Nice quality.
  • Check Wool Cardigan: Clients who wear black loved this cardi, and took it home. It hangs well because of the heft of the yarn. It's fitted yet relaxed. It looked as good on petites in petite sizes. The sleeves turn back to create a positive and negative patterned effect. Graphic and relaxed.
  • Tipped Cardigan: A fun boxy long cardigan with textural interest in a yummy shade of watermelon. Size down.
  • '70s Ruffle Cuff Wool Blend Sweater: Earthy Form-Fitting Fabness that is a good fit on a curvy figure with a larger bust and defined waist. Good on a straighter figure too. Remember that fitted jacket or coat sleeves will look odd and feel odd layered over the top because of the frilly sleeves. You need topper sleeves with room for it to work.
  • Zip-Up Cardigan: This little darling was super cute with skirts or worn over dresses. The furry collar is removable. Cotton-rich and very comfy.
  • Elevate Oversize Wool & Cashmere Mock Neck Pullover: Cosy, fun and swingy. Great for lounge or ultra casual wear. Comes in grey. Size down.

Here’s the collection page if you would like to see the items alongside my descriptions.


  • LIVELY Twist Sheath Dress: My clients wore this as a tunic over skinnies, cropped straights, and leggings instead of a dress. It fit a range of body types, and the ruching is forgiving. Fun with a maxi cardigan over the top.
  • Floreat Colorblock Midi Dress: Best flared dress at the sale if you like the pattern. It's bold, I'm warning you. Works well on a curvy body type, and worked well on petites. Might run a size small.
  • Dikena Ponte Sheath Dress: Best sheath at the sale. Impeccable quality, fabric, finish, and a delicious shade of teal. It's a stiff and very structured dress - but does not cling or look too tight. Remember that you do not need to do yoga in it. Magical on an hourglass figure.
  • Pleated Sleeveless Shift Dress: This is a cute shape that comes in three patterns and a solid. Clients liked it worn as a tunic and as a dress. Good with a denim jacket or cardigan if you need arm coverage. Crease-resistant and might run a size big.

Here’s the collection page if you would like to see the items alongside my descriptions.


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