The Fashion Spot reports that sunglasses chains are getting a fashion makeover, and shows us 10 fun options.

I have a light blue chain that matches the rim of my sunnies, and would love one of the pearl versions shown in this roundup.

From glassy beads to shell-adorned, here are 17 more styles to choose from.

Fab Links from Our Members

La Pedestrienne read an inspiring yet sobering article about the contradictions between entrepreneurial growth and sustainable fashion.

She also loved this article about the colour mustard throughout history and in our present cultural moment.

Angie enjoyed Susan’s post because she hit the nail on the head when she says that we’re never going to change the negative perceptions and problems of ageism if we try to erase the signs of aging.

Shevia wanted to share these great historical pictures of Bermuda shorts, her favourite style of shorts.

It’s Ascot week, and Runcarla enjoyed this historical retrospective.

Nemosmom reports that former Snapchat Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan is launching a digital marketplace for luxury goods.

Kyle directs us to this Vanity Fair article about the new J.Crew.

Vildy is always glad to see smiling models. That’s why she refers us to the iconic Dawson’s Creek catalogue mentioned in the Vanity Fair article above: ” I particularly liked the uproarious photo where they’re splashing and ‘decide to ruin all their nice J. Crew clothes.’ We can overthink clothes so much that it’s easy to forget not only to have fun with fashion but to have fun in fashion.”

Suntiger thought this was a really good description of what works for Ethereal-style blend identities: “Many of my choices make so much sense now!”

InStyle interviews the stars of Little Big Lies on ambition and leading in Hollywood as a woman. Bj1111 adds: “It’s tangentially fashion-related — the outfit photos are stellar.”

Suntiger liked Imogen’s tips about pattern placement, including how to avoid questionable patterns.

Kkards enjoyed how this article about Eileen Fisher speaks to the brand’s, and the designer’s, values, and how they are starting to appeal to a certain type of younger customer.