As this recent forum thread shows, finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy feat. I’ve collected some recent roundups that might make the search easier:

Fab Links from Our Members

The Cat found Imogen’s blog post on wardrobe building to be food for thought.

Like the Season enjoyed this piece on Carolina Herrera’s first fashion show in 1981 and the emergence of a uniquely American style.

Jane thought this was interesting, but doesn’t share Alexandra Shulman’s opinion on frills.

Apropos of Angie’s blog post on managing maximal sleeves, MsMary thought this tongue-in-cheek article about how Melania Trump wears her coats over her shoulders was funny.

Jenni NZ reports that the New Zealand-made retail industry continues to struggle.

Kari finds the process of The Met researching and redesigning a Degas ballerina sculpture’s skirt to suit the original intent of the artist fascinating. (Here’s the original)

Citygirldc thought this article was interesting: “I Gave 28 Women 28 Compliments in 28 Days & Not One Was Accepted.”