The Huffington Post rounds up 18 online vintage clothing stores where you can shop for retro-inspired items that are on trend again in 2018.

Racked reports that within the last decade more and more reproduction boutiques — stores that reproduce items from the post-war time period, some even using original patterns and fabrics — have been popping up.

Vintage Insta-stores, vintage shops selling their wares on Instagram only, are also on the rise.

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She is also intrigued by the Jumpsuit project.

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efbgen finds EWG, a website that evaluates and rates make-up and beauty products for safety, very useful.

She’s also quite taken with The Laundress, a company that sells laundry products and also gives suggestions on how to launder specific items.

Gigi recommends beauty blog Temptalia as a good source for comprehensive make-up reviews.

Torontogirl wanted to share this article about uniform dressing, and adds: “I tend towards uniform dressing by nature, but not because I see it as somehow superior to any other sort of dressing — each to her own, and life would be awfully boring without my more creative style sisters around!”