Refinery29 put together a list of 22 pairs of flat sandals with interesting design details.

If you have a wider foot, then this round-up might be worth a look.

WWD confirms that this season “it’s the details that make for stellar Spring sandals“.

Fab Links from Our Members

Diana would like to share this article about the private archives of Italian fashion houses.

Peter Lappin of Male Pattern Boldness does a comparison of the fabric and construction of vintage to current men’s T-shirts. Laurinda agrees that things just aren’t made to last these days.

Scarlet thought this looks like a great exhibition.

Jenanded found this story about farmers being able to predict the on trend fashion colours by the shade of local rivers in developing countries very sobering.

Approprio is super excited about Uniqlo’s next designer collaboration with J.W. Anderson.

Jenni NZ lets us know that Australian fashion companies such as Oroton have been criticised for failing to publicly disclose where they source their clothes from.

Isabel really enjoyed this video about the business of fast fashion.

Texstyle came across this quick set of tips on proportions and how to look taller with a few wardrobe tweaks

Joy likes this man’s oversized denim vest over a jacket outfit, minus the cigarette. “A woman could wear it too”, she adds.

La Belle Demimondaine loved this photo gallery of the evolution of men’s waistcoats.

She also wanted to share this video in which Susan Tsu, the costumer for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s production of ‘Shakespeare in Love’, gives a backstage tour of how she builds the costumes. The doubled collars of feathers and stiff black lace took La Belle’s breath away.

Angie directs us to some great tips from Sally on how to increase the comfort of footwear. Go Team Happy Feet.

Plus-size model Candice Huffine talking about common misconceptions about plus-size women was a huge aha moment for Chris987 in terms of accepting the body you are in:

“So what are some of the misconceptions? ‘That she’s not fashionable. She doesn’t care about having quality fashion. She’s not going to stay in this body forever so this is temporary, which means she doesn’t want to spend money on fashion,’ Huffine said.”