Racked suggests four brands that provide tall boots for athletic calves.

They also rounded up eight footwear brands that make shoes for feet larger than a size 10.

I you prefer to shop vegan, then finding Winter boots can be tricky. Hannah from En Brogue has compiled a list of fun vegan options that may come in handy.

Fab Links from Our Members

UmmLila wanted to share this article about Nordstrom taking a closer look at repeat patterns on incoming returns.

Angie refers us to Sally’s post in which she reminds us about what our body is, and what it isn’t. NICE! 

Joy is impressed with and inspired by the way the men portrayed on The Sartorialist over the last week wear browns. Note their use with black, cream, orange, and other browns… and even light blue and pink.

Gradfashionista recommends reading Michael Lovelock’s article on the underbelly of makeovers.

Approprio would like to recommend Vestoj — The Platform for Critical Thinking on Fashion.