With Angie and several YLFers, including myself, chomping at the bit to start sporting pearls again, I thought a little pearl-related inspiration was in order:

Business of Fashion published an interesting article about the resurrection of the Arabian pearl industry.

There are loads of pearl boards on Pinterest. Here are a few that caught my eye: Marianne Gasler’s collection of modern pearl design, Lo Charme’s board filled with women wearing pearls, Therése Melby’s mostly vintage images and jewellery, and more pearl eye candy from Linda James and Marilyn Sorensen.

Monaco-based pearl company Misaki is bringing out some striking modern designs: pearl necklace with oversized gold links, pink glass and pearl chandelier earrings, minimalist rectangular necklace, square string of pearls, wide silver cuff with delicate pearl chain link, bold and sleek square earrings.

Fab Links from Our Members

Suz is saddened by the death of David Bowie, who fashioned the soundtrack of much of her youth, but whose artistry went far beyond his music. She would like to share this piece about his role in the world of style.

Sally shares how to grow out a pixie cut, something Angie knows a little about too! 

L’Abeille has been having fun with the Victoria and Albert’s Museum Design a Wig feature that lets you create “your own own hair-raising designs”.

Texstyle finds Alicia from Spashionista a great inspiration.

Skylurker thought this comment on menswear shows was interesting, and adds: “It can definitely apply to classic womenswear too, women simply have broader choices and ‘heritage’ is just one of them.”