A T-shirt that will last 30 years, Donna Karan’s memoir, the first-ever Stuart Weitzman TV commercial and other style news that caught our attention this week.

Quote for the Day

I like this down-to-earth quote by Stella McCartney on why she doesn’t subscribe to fast fashion because it also touches on the fact that budgetting is an integral part of the process as sustainable clothing often costs more:

“When I design, it’s about designing pieces that are stand-out, staple, long-term commitments in your life. They’re made beautifully in the finest places in the world and should be cared for, loved, and handed down to the next generation. So for me, it’s not about ‘wear now, buy now’ or whatever. It’s about buy[ing] whenever you can buy it, whenever works for you, and wear[ing] it forever.”