Designer Nanette Lepore talks about her love for hunting down vintage pieces in Fashionista’s column How I Shop.

The New York Times goes in search of the best stores to buy higher-end vintage menswear.

The Fashion Spot uses the Tu at Sainsbury’s collection to illustrate how to do vintage with a modern twist.

Recently they also shared a roundup of ten of their favourite vintage shops on Instagram because “a growing number of vintage dealers are using the app to show off their fabulous collections of story-telling 50s party dresses, Edwardian wedding gowns and 70s fringed jackets”.

Fab Links from Our Members

L’Abeille is enjoying the series about Color and Proportion over at The Vivienne Files.

“Only a select few of us have the drive, ambition, and talent PLUS the thick skin necessary to deal with the deluge of comparison and judgment that comes part and parcel with positions of power and prominence.” Angie directs us to Sally’s post about how we need to break body image barriers in order to live a confident and unselfconscious life.

Imogen’s post about what your skirt length says about you caught Joy’s attention because she is sensitive to this because of age, but at the same time doesn’t want to look frumpy.

Laurinda thought Inside a Burberry Trench Part 2 — The Removable Liner provided a fascinating peek at a well-made coat lining. Here is Part 1.

Many forum members have been talking about or following Marie Kondo’s decluttering advice. Marlene and Suz came across an article about how she shops for clothes. Suz adds that “at least two of her recommendations are exactly the same as Angie’s: ‘Cherish the size you are now,’ and ‘If an item sparks joy, do not wait for it to go on sale’. (Because selection is best at the start of a season.)”

Annagybe found this post about What Plus-Size Clothes Look Like on Plus-Size Women pretty hilarious and telling at the same time.

Ariadne is loving the “Women Who Work” series at Out of the Bag because “it’s fascinating to see how they’ve thought through what ‘anything goes’ actually means, and the choices they’ve made as a result of how they want to be perceived.”