I love the Helene Berman cape coat I bought during this year’s NAS. The oversized plaid pattern makes me happy, and it’s roomy so I can layer under all my on trend fluid fit and oversized knitwear. Since acquiring the coat, I’ve been paying extra attention to how other people are wearing and styling capes. Here are some visuals you might find inspiring too:

Fab Links from Our Members

Joy found The New Breed of High-Performance Wool Clothing an interesting read.

Caro in Oz likes the idea behind this post on How to Stage Your Home for Living, and believes it applies to our wardrobes too. She said: “I want my living space to look great while I’m living in it rather than just when I’m selling.”

Ummlila thought The Real Reason Why You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Wear had some good visuals to illustrate the Essentials versus Statements discussions on the YLF forum.

Laurinda came across quite the artistic accomplishment: Designer Gail Be (and 23 beaders) spent three years to bead almost 1 million beads on a 400 pound wedding dress with a 20 1/2-foot train.