I made a comment on today's blog post further down on the comments section that I'd like to repeat on a forum thread since you might not check back on the blog post:

"Be careful not to mix up your statement pieces with your wardrobe essentials though. For example, I wear my pointy toe white Beatle booties all the time – and wonder how I ever managed without them. But they are NOT an essential. They are a statement piece. Same goes for all my booties actually. I wear them 9 months of the year but do not consider them essentials because the styles are wildly different, and they’re not simple enough to function as an essential. Hope that makes sense".

Some were listing their statement pieces as wardrobe essentials and they are not the same thing.

Some great aha moments on the blog post from our forum members that bears repeating here:

Dashielle: "Angie, you just clarified a key point that my brain was wandering towards, but not quite reaching. I think I tend to buy primarily statement pieces and then struggle to not end up with ALGO in any particular outfit. I’m learning the delicate art of simple + statement juxtaposition, albeit more slowly than I might like. "

Diana: "Having a lot of statement pieces actually means that my essentials are really important, because one cannot make an outfit out of entirely statement pieces!"

Suz: " What is essential for one person doesn’t even make the list for another!"

Marlene: "
For the longest time, I only had essentials. None of the fun stuff that makes an outfit. But I think there needs to be both. Fun stuff and then the items that pull it all together"

AviaMariah:It doesn’t do any good to have a closet full of fun, interesting pieces if you have nothing to wear with them!

Ambergreen: "It’s important to look at the underlying “structure” of our wardrobe with this kind of x-ray vision to see if it has any bones!

Shannon: Not everything in our wardrobe can be a statement piece, right? And I like how you’ve explained that not everyone’s essentials are the same. I’ve finally stopped looking at those lists….you know the ones….”the 10 items every woman needs in her wardrobe” kind of lists for exactly that reason.

Lyn D: "A new way of thinking about the day to day ‘blank canvas’ items, that are actually quite important!"

Wardrobe Essentials are not the stars of the outfit. They communicate effectively with statement pieces to ensure a happy marriage.