This recent forum thread about bra shopping once again made it clear that finding the perfect bra can be tricky. Here are a number of articles that might help make your next bra shopping expedition a little easier.

Fab Links from Our Members

Alpha sizing (S, M, L) rather than numerical sizes snuck up on Laurinda’s wardrobe. She just realized that aside from shoes and jeans most of her wardrobe is alpha sized. Joy also found a video that explains the phenomenon.

Angie firmly believes that all bodies are bikini bodies, and this photo shoot proves that point. She loved it. 

Angie also encourages our readers to look at Sylvia’s outfits on 40plusstyle more closely because she lives in Singapore where it is extremely hot and humid year round. Sylvia does an extraordinary job of looking on trend, polished, elegant, interesting and as cool as a cucumber despite Singapore’s relentless weather. Angie particularly loved Sylvia’s recent white-out look. Fresh, modern, coiffed and relaxed. 

Lyn* enjoyed learning about how a fashion house — Emilia Wickstead in this case — gets started and all the personal and made-to-measure touches available to its clients.

As a longtime lover of cordonvan leather, Joy had no idea that there is currently a shortage and found this article fascinating.

T came across a fashion blogger who was criticized by readers for repeating a pair of shoes too often. Vic talks about her experience in this post, questioning whether style as a fashion blogger means having access to infinite clothes.

Caro in Oz thinks that The Row’s new flagship store looks amazing.

Vildy likes the blog Dress like a Parisian, and found Aloïs’ post on How to wear a belt useful while trying to determine whether or not to embrace the fluid fit trend.

Deborah would like to introduce us to Lola from Lola Androgynous. She is in her sixties and has a cool aesthetic that is very interesting and might inspire other YLFers too. Deborah adds that while Lola wears a lot of designer pieces, her look can be achieved by people with regular budgets as well.

Annagybe wants to share two articles about fashion blogging: The Golden Era of ‘Fashion Blogging’ Is Over and Why The Era Of Personal Style Blogs Must Come To An End.