From purple Ice Pop Wayfarers to floral rimmed round sunnies, Refinery29 has a roundup of sunglasses to up your Summer style quotient even further. Mirrored sunnies are everywhere this season too, The New York Times is showing us how people in the street are wearing them.

New Zealand designer Karen Walker is promoting her line of sunnies with a campaign featuring models between the ages of 65 and 92, styled by Advanced Style‘s Ari Seth Cohen.

With e-llume, the world’s first and only plant-based, bioplastic lens, Zeal Optics is taking the health of our eyes and the health of the planet seriously. These bio-based lenses offer protection from UVA, B and C rays and are said to block a negative light range called High Energy Visible light, a possible cause of cataracts and macular degeneration. EcoSalon is reviewing the sunnies, that also feature Z-resin frames, made from an environmental-friendly castor oil-based material.

Fab Links from Our Members

Regina over at Southern Girl on a Mission wrote a post on “45 Lessons Life Taught Me“. Glory thought all were inspiring and thought-provoking, and found 17, 21 and 43 especially relevant for YLF readers.

Tracina came across this study in face distortion. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

“I always start from posture. I think of how I want this woman to have the bag and how she’s standing, and I build that bag. I think of how she walks away, and how she will hold the bag.” Sarah A finds the approach of designer Jason Jones, of leather goods brand Parabellum, very interesting and refreshing.

Vildy loves Sally’s approach to wardrobe evaluation because she focusses on the importance of understanding the reasons why we are wearing what we are wearing. She found this recent blog post especially useful because it helped her realize mix and match capsules aren’t for her, as she is the kind of person who prefers to wear the same go-to outfits over and over again.

The fact that Nordstrom has a greeter and is keeping an elderly employee on staff — acknowledging that older employees still bring value to the workplace — is yet another reason why Lisa likes the department store so much.

MaryK encourages us to read this powerful post about losing one’s beauty while undergoing cancer treatment. She adds that the following quote: “I realised that my previous refusal to engage with what I saw as unnecessary and excessive grooming was a luxury afforded to me by the fact that as a healthy 27 year old woman of average looks, height and weight, I didn’t need to do much to look all right”, dovetails nicely with a recent forum discussion about conventionally pretty Lauren Shields who decided to experiment with “modest dressing”.