To celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2013, kate spade new york is inviting us all for a look behind the scenes. kate spade new york – things we love: twenty years of inspiration, intriguing bits and other curiosities is an eclectic compilation of all the things that charm and inspire their creative team. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book, “part visual diary, part inspirational reference that visually represents the spirit of this successful company, a place where the colours are bold, smart design is key and fashion is fun”. 

Like the kate spade people, I too strongly believe that outfit inspiration can be found anywhere. That pretty much everything can trigger our sartorial imagination: CD cover artwork, the intoxicating ozone-rich smell of the ocean, an artful table setting, a colourful concert poster, soft white snow covering the entire city, a sentence in the newspaper, holiday gift wrap, the way chocolates are displayed at the corner bakery… the list is endless, really. I thought it would be fun to share some or our own, perhaps somewhat unexpected, inspiration sources today. Angie and all the YLF forum ladies who post their brilliant outfits are my number-one go-to source, but here are two examples of “non-fashion events” that recently got the cogs turning as well:

What’s Cooking – Last week I made green soup, a family “recipe” — if you can call it that — for which you just toss together all the green veggies and herbs you can find. Admiring the vibrant green colour and different textures of my broccoli, zucchini, spinach, purslane and watercresss suddenly made me want to add a few ton-sur-ton looks to my Fall outfit repertoire. I’ve always liked using different shades of the same colour in one outfit. It can make for a subtle yet very striking look. I think I’ll try my hand at purple first. I’m envisioning my fuchsia high-low zip back sweater over a purple and orange animal print silk blouse, paired with dark grey tapered dressy trousers and suede burgundy booties.

Architectural Appeal – I kept going back to this photo, a detail of the Mobile Art Pavilion for Chanel. The strong simplicity and curved contours really speak to me. To recreate the feel of this art installation I want to pair a crisp white button-down with black skinny pants. That covers the colour palette. The narrow stripes in my grey pinstriped blazer will hopefully echo the distinctive black joints. I’ll use a pair of black patent ankle boots to mimic the beautiful lustre of the white tiles. And I might throw in my small white pearl stud earrings as an extra wink to the rounded structure.

Have you found clothing inspiration in unusual places lately? We’d love to know where, and do share how you chose to translate this into an actual outfit.

Reminder: for 2 November

Friday 2 November is kick-off day for our next Book Club title. We’ll be chatting about Dana Thomas’ Deluxe – How Luxury Lost Its Luster and would love to hear your thoughts.

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