When online stores don’t show their jewellery on actual models I always have a hard time picturing where exactly a necklace will hit me. So I’m saving this visual, because I know it’ll come in very handy. Here’s a very similar necklace length chart with a model sporting strings of pearls.

Did you know that metal chains can wear out with time? That box chains stretch more than any other type of chain, or that you can’t go wrong with a lobster clasp? This article has tons of information about every type of chain imaginable.

Not sure which necklace to wear with your new top or dress? Misami Jewelry has some good tips on which types of necklaces work best with different necklines.

Fab Links from Our Members

MaryK hopes that Sally’s post at Already Pretty about Beating the Body Blues will help lift the spirits of everyone who has been feeling less than fab lately.

Are you looking for something fun for Halloween? Laurinda found these Glow in the Dark Mummy Nails for you.

In her search for fashion blogs for women over 40 Deborah came across That’s Not My Age, which she says is an enjoyable read: self-deprecating and funny in that special British way.

Eternalvoyageur points us to a blog post that explains the difference between top heavy and bottom heavy breasts, with fit suggestions and a few bra reviews.

On The Vivienne Files, Janice describes her best friend’s discipline about shopping, leaving behind fabulous items at great prices if they don’t fit her wardrobe plan. Carole was impressed!

Mochi discovered the new “If You’re Thinking About…” feature on The Sartorialist, that brings together street style and runway images centered around one particular look to provide fashion inspiration when you’re a little stuck.

Writer D.A. Wolf’s dream about a college reunion led to her musing on women and their relationship with other women: “I don’t understand why we criticize and compete to such an extent, when we’re also capable of extraordinary support, connection, and community”. This is exactly why a place like YLF is so important, says Caro.

For Lisa, “The Desires & The Essentials” over at  Breaking The (Shopping) Contract really sums up how she feels sometimes when she’s trying to shop her closet.

A stunning lace top, crisp white shirt, slim-fitting trousers and amazing loafers. This boyish but at the same time deliciously ladylike look by Valentino left Angie breathless.

Annagybe enjoyed this video in which MarieClaire columnist Nicolette Mason calls out Marc Jacobs for not delivering the plus-size line he promised two years ago. It also has some great tips on plus-size shopping in general.

Last not but not least, a YLF movie tip: Diana Vreeland The Eye Has to Travel, a documentary about the renowed fashion editor who “discovered” actress Lauren Bacall and advised Jackie Kennedy in matters of style, is opening tomorrow, Friday October 19th at the Harvard Exit Theatre in Seattle.