Rae says that getwear is an easy to follow, user-friendly and budget-friendly custom-made-jeans site, and is eager to roadtest their jeans. 

MaryK suggests browsing through the Mad Men scene commentaries on Tom and Lorenzo. Lorenzo’s analysis and commentary of each episode is amazing and the clothes are even better. 

Mac was inspired by this article on Passage des Perles about the legendary Jane Birkin, who in her 60’s is as stylish as ever. 

Annagybe, who has been passionate about mint green wardrobe items this Spring, was delighted to find this slideshow with 13 seafoam-green finds

Inge was fascinated by The Coveteur’s inside glimpse into the closets of designers and people in the fashion industry. She loves the photography and how each picture has a short personal story about the items shown. 

Anne found an interesting article in The American Interest: “Jobs of the Future: Style for Hire.

Lisa thinks that the style on popstylecle is daring. 

Laurinda recommends reading through the discussion on Already Pretty about body hair issues, and how these issues are linked to gender norms and body image. 

Ironkurtin loves the blog Stop It Right Now for its interesting perspective on shopping habits. 

Coincidentally, Garance Dore was also in Japan last week and here is her take on all things Tokyo.