Makrame enjoyed seeing the assortment of gorgeous trench coats, both classic and not so classic, on The Vivienne Files, as she ponders adding a trench coat to her own wardrobe. 

Celia says that seeing presidential denim in action on Grasping for Objectivity is worth a look. It takes the concept of “Mom Jeans” to a whole new level. 

Joy, who is a birdwatcher, is inspired to add a bird printed item to her Spring wardrobe after reading “Bird is the Word” in the Wall Street Journal. Bird printed items are making a fashion statement. 

Ironkurtain recommends browsing through this selection of crazy, crazy shoes

Annagybe enjoyed an article in the New Yorker that analyses the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit at the Met.

Rae loves how this grey ombre dress featured on Fabsugar looks moody yet appropriate for Spring and Summer. 

Vildy enjoyed The Dashing Eccentric’s take on remembering what you love, and incorporating those things into your daily outfits. 

Laurinda says maybe we need to get out more after reading an article in The Society Pages about role models and gender stereotyping. 7th graders were asked to draw a picture of a scientist before they actually met a real scientist. Clearly, not all scientists are balding men in white lab coats.  

Inge enjoyed reading about the playful creativity that goes into each Maison Martin Margiela fashion show invitation. The invitation for their recent Fall 2012 show was a flashlight keychain that projects the show details when shone onto a dark surface. A little more memorable than an Evite, don’t you think?

Jaberger suggests reading “A Man’s Guide to a Woman’s Wardrobe” from the Economist because it’s a good read about fashion from an unusual standpoint.

I liked Already Pretty’s article on reconsidering investment pieces. I believe that it is as important to invest in bras and knickers as it is to invest in bags, shoes, jackets and coats.