Inge hopes to find the perfect red frock one day. In the meantime, she was greatly inspired by the assortment of red dresses on Miss Moss that were pulled from 2012 Fall Collections and a few famous movies. I definitely bat for Team Red Dress too. 

Modgrl is besotted with Kate Spade’s 2012 Fall Collection that she found while browsing through Keiko Lynn’s blog. The colours, silhouettes and polka dot prints feel both retro and modern at the same time. So very Kate Spade! 

MaryK recommends browsing through Humans of New York, a blog that celebrates the authentic street life of New York City. Sublime. 

Suz says that it’s Fashion Week in Toronto. Check out runway looks by Holt Renfrew and more must-see shows by Canada’s finest designers

Laurinda found this informative post on how to fit a blazer jacket (via Already Pretty). This DIY Alterations Tutorial on shortening and slimming blazer sleeves on Extrapetite is also well worth a look. 

Can a pair of jeans be sexist? RoseandJoan didn’t think it was possible until she checked out the chauvinistic washing instructions on this pair of jeans. The news spread like wild fire on twitter this week. 

Annagybe loves jewelry designer Eddie Borgo’s Fall 2012 Collection, which was inspired by the hidden away cogs and gears of New York City. 

Rae is in love with this grotesque assortment of boots

Lisa has enjoyed watching blogger Audrey from Putting Me Together remix her wardrobe items, with a special nod to the versatility of coloured bottoms. Now Lisa wants lots of coloured bottoms too!

Goldenpig enjoyed read an article in the daily mail about the positive effect that Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton have had on the clothing industry. Their power to sell clothing, purely by wearing the items as stylish examples, is astounding. 

Last but not least, read on Jezebel how a blogger’s photo of a red typewriter inspired the collection of dress designer Mary Katranzou. Amazing!