In the light of people making negative remarks about what you wear, MaryK enjoyed this fab article on Rookie called “How to Not Care What Other People Think of You”. Teenage fashion blogger extraodinaire Tavi Gevinson’s thoughts on the subject are thought provoking. 

Mochi would like to introduce you to Lingerie University at The Lingerie Goddess, which gives women a primer in understanding the basics about lingerie and which styles work best for different body types. 

Astrid says that it’s fun to upload a picture or painting to the Colors Pallete Generator. It will swiftly churn out a colour palette based on the image’s colours, which you can use as inspiration for outfit building.  

Legacy of Pearl loved this diagram! It suggests that magical things happen when you step outside your comfort zone.

Kyle says that young Anh from 9 to 5 Chic is impossibly chic. 

Marley liked Sally’s suggestions on how to step outside your sartorial comfort zone. Fun, non-threatening and doable. 

Refugee hopes that wearing pajamas out in public is a short lived fad. Amen to that. 

Vildy suggests browsing through this website dedicated to Jean Patchett, an ordinary girl who personified bored and self-absorbed chic. 

Ironkurtain is amused by these futuristic, preppy-gothic-football inspired outfits on io9 Sci Fashion.

This New York Times article taking a scientific look at the danger of high heels grabbed Laurinda’s attention. 

Rae is smitten with this vibrantly printed handbag from Reed Krakoff

While updating her hubby’s wardrobe, Carole found this Dappered article on casual shirts very helpful.