HelenInCanada liked this slideshow of fashion photos that shows the crazy and creative side of fashion runways around the world. 

It’s hard to believe that ’90s fashion is considered vintage. Makrame found this nice article in the Wall Street Journal about the so called least appreciated decade in fashion.

Gotta love Miss. Piggy in Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung, courtesy of Annagybe. 

These spooky Halloween accessories were right up Nicoleb’s alley. Sweet! Especially during and after the candy coma. 

Kari, who is determined to become an ardent hat wearing lass, found this inspirational and helpful guide. Audi’s Already Pretty guest post on flattering hats for every head is also a great source of information.

Nancylee’s curiosity was piqued by the hype surrounding the soon-to-be-opened C.Wonder store in New York City. It’s being billed as a more affordable version of Anthropologie, featuring women’s clothes, accessories, and home decor.

Looking for a new pair of running shoes? Inge recommends shoefitr, a service that helps you find running shoes based on the fit and style of your current pair.

For a long time, bridal gown designer Vera Wang has designed non-traditional gowns in champagne, mint, and peach. However, her 2012 bridal collection is almost exclusively BLACK. Dresslover applauds the designer’s risk taking creativity. 

Vildy loves Lisa Armstrong, the Telegraph’s new fashion editor, and was fascinated to learn about her lifelong enthusiasm for figuring out fashion. She goes through the same trial and error process as the rest of us, except she gets paid for it.

Cjh was inspired by street fashion during New York Fashion Week Fall 2011

Isabel was fascinated by a New York Times article on young French designer Isabel Marant. Now she totally gets why the “Dicker Boot” is all over the blogosphere.