Modgrl enjoys Heidi Klum’s look of the day because she often posts her glam self sans makeup. The best part about the outfit shots are peeking into Heidi’s closet and home.

Desmo April enjoyed two recent posts by Male Pattern Boldness, first as he takes you through a typical women’s magazine from 1951, and then the Ladies Home Journal of 1972. What a change!.

Dresslover was saddened when her favourite independent dress label Issa London officially became mainstream. Hopefully the quality be stay top notch.

Queen Mum was reminded that things are not always as they appear on photos after watching this extreme makeover video. WOW.

Diana discovered my closet in sketches where the blogger presents her daily outfits with beautiful hand illustrated drawings instead of photographs. I am in awe of this type of artistic talent.

These ethereal Ellie Saab wedding gowns mesmerized Rae, who would pick one out in a heartbeat if she had unlimited funds.

Astrid enjoyed Emily’s simple outfit and fab hairdo when she visited her home town Berlin.

Inge informs us that a new shopping center that caters exclusively to men just opened its doors in Prague. How do we feel about that, ladies?

If you love dramatic polka dot blouses, check out the one Taylor fell in love with on Karla last week.

Take a peek at models dressed up like rock stars through the ages. Cocolion and I agree that rocker style is timelessly cool.

Kate Middleton is becoming a style icon and Lisa really likes her looks. Lyn is addicted to what Kate wore.

Kristine wonders whether pantyhose are back in fashion because bare legs are so 2010.

Jonesy says that she understands when blogger Jentine, who is also 5ft 11, gets double takes and stares when she wears heels.

CoraNyn enjoyed Wave’s opinion on Vogue Italia’s issue called Vogue Curvy. It’s quite the controversial topic!