Thank you very much for participating in our recent survey on YLF and Facebook integration. There were more than 200 responses and we thought we’d share the results.

Our main takeaways are that half of you would at least consider sharing some of your YLF activity on Facebook, but that the other half want to keep their YLF and Facebook worlds completely separate. So while some Facebook features might be well received, they would have to be optional.

Another thing that came through was the concern that some of YLF would “move” to Facebook. Well, we want to put your mind at rest that nothing we do would diminish the amount of content we put here on Any use of Facebook would be to amplify, augment or share what is already here on YLF.

Here are the detailed results.

Which of these statements best describes your participation on YLF?

How often do you use Facebook on average?

If you do use Facebook, how would you like YouLookFab and Facebook to work together?

More than 30 people also elaborated on their answers or provided ideas using the optional text field at the end of the survey. This input was very interesting, full of wonderful ideas and great insights. Some of the concerns that were expressed will really help us to make the right decisions. We will be looking at it closely if and when we work on anything related to Facebook.