I updated my house slippers and this time round I chose a house shoe in navy by Giesswein called theĀ Ammern Classic. My choice surprised Greg because I always wear colourful slippers. I actually chose this colour because I like the way they match my jeans. In retrospect it makes little sense because I don’t always wear jeans, but I do always wear slippers. Oh well! I guess a more subdued style would be good for a change.

I love my new slippers. They have arch support, a study sole and are machine washable. I am very comfortable wearing boiled wool slippers throughout the year, and these are wardrobe workhorses.

I also ordered Daniel Green’s Tracy Ballet Slippers as my indoor footwear solution for visiting shoe free homes. They are soft and very comfy, just how a slipper should be. Now all I have to do is actually remember to bring them along. Maybe I’ll leave them in the car, or in my work basket that I take with me on closet reviews.