Try “CJ jeans” by Cookie Johnson if you’re still looking for a pair of really comfortable jeans.  It’s not only in the cut of the denim but in the fabric too. With a front rise of 9 inches and a back rise of 14 inches, CJ jeans are girdling deluxe, but look hip too. In my opinion much more hip than NYDJ’s.

The denim rinse is so soft, it almost feels sueded. No distressing and ample stretch. I also haven’t heard any “bagging out” complaints from my clients who have put this brand through its paces for almost a year. It’s well worth a try if you’re round bottomed, have curvy hips and thighs, a larger tum-tum, or just really crave comfort.

Definitely size down and tall girls should not have a problem with length. They are available in both regular and plus sizes, across varying styles of wide leg, straight leg and boot cut.

Anyone tried CJ jeans yet? Tell us about your experiences in the comments if you have.

CJ by Cookie Johnson Faith Straight Leg Jean in CosmosCJ by Cookie Johnson Grace Bootcut in CosmosCJ by Cookie Johnson Faith Straight Leg Stretch JeansCJ by Cookie Johnson Grace Bootcut Jeans

I’ve seen these styles first hand on a variety of body types and I was impressed with all of them. Currently the outer ones are in the YLF store, but I plan to add the others too.