Antwerp, in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, is utterly charming. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the city with local resident, Inge. It was hands down the highlight of our visit — you just can’t beat the company of a stellar lass in her hometown! But my fashion stylist hat stayed on so I’ll finish off our coverage of Belgium with my perception of Antwerp street fashion.

The weather in Antwerp was beautifully mild so lightweight trenches and jackets were the order of the day. People do not commute on bicycles as much as they do in the Netherlands, so heels were a lot more common. Chestnut boots were by far the most common item of footwear on the streets. The boot styles were generally casual, with lowish heels, knee-high, and worn over leggings and jeans or under skirts.

Chestnut Boots

Black clothing was quite popular but shades of grey and earth tones were just as abundant. Black outfits were often brought to life with a pop of bright colour. In true Euro style cross-body bags, cropped leather jackets and scarves are the uniform. Antwerp style is arty, definitely current and super practical. Very fab.

Antwerp Streetwear 2

I saw quite a few people sport white jeans with boots and pumps, just like they did in the Netherlands. The stores were also full of white bottoms both for men and women. Inge is very much onboard with this look and has pair of white straight leg or bootcut jeans on her shopping list.

Antwerp Streetwear 1

Next on the European tour: Zurich. We spent a few days in the Swiss city and have lots to show and tell.