I learned about an interesting new online shoe store in the youlookfab forum: 6pm.com. It’s well worth a look because the selection is good and the prices are sensational. Most of the styles are between 45% and 70% off. I’m not sure if this is a blowout end of season sale, or whether they always sell the previous season’s shoes. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying season old shoes and there are plenty of superb choices on this site.

The search facility works quite well, but you can’t narrow down your search as effectively as you can on Zappos. I haven’t ordered anything yet so I’m unsure of their service. I have noticed that you pay for shipping (about $7 each way) which means that you are out of pocket $14 if the shoes don’t work. This is something you’ll need to factor into the total price of your purchases.

I am still an absolute Zappos fan. If you order in the morning, your shoes on your doorstep the next day. And the shipping is free. But their prices aren’t nearly as good as those on 6pm.com, which means that I will be browsing both sites when next I’m looking for shoes online.

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I’m impressed with 6pm.com’s footwear selection. It’s definitely different to Zappos, Endless and Piperlime. Thank you Mayapple for sharing your finds with us.