The Seattle P.I. recently had some interesting things to say about Men’s fashion for 2008. The article pointed out that “polished and trim replaces distressed and grungy” as the look for Menswear now and in the future. Gents silhouettes are getting narrower, sleeker, and more streamlined. This is music to my ears. I like a smarter bloke who puts aside his sloppy T-shirt and baggy denims and replaces them with a structured button-down shirt and slick pair of jeans.

I fully support casual and comfortable men’s attire, but T-shirt privileges have been abused. It’s become too easy for men in their mid 30’s and older to opt for simple T-shirts and nothing else. Layering sleek, quality T’s underneath knitwear and jackets is different because this look has its funky and fashionable place and you’re adding structure and definition to the look. But wearing a run of the mill basic printed or plain T on its own as an everyday dress code leaves a lot to be desired. It’s hard for men to look good in a slim-fitting T-shirt without an ultra slim or athletic physique, and oversized styles look like tents. There are countless more stylish options when it comes to dressing casually when you’re not a teenager or student.

I’ll admit that I am not a cotton cru neck T-shirt fan and I therefore welcome what Ari Hoffman CEO of Gant & Co has to say:

“From our point of view, we’re going through a period of change from distressed, grungier looks toward clean looks, polished looks. It’s crisper — we definitely see that as an important direction.”

I say bring on dressier looks for men and demote basic T-shirts to lounging, camping and home improvement work. We too want our blokes to clean up and look fab.