The December issue of Lucky Magazine shared an interesting laundry trick. You can wash beaded and sequined pieces at home instead of traipsing them off to the cleaners if you follow a few simple steps. I tested the method on one of my own sequined cardigans and altered the process a little.

Here’s what to do:

  • Check that your washing machine has an ultra delicate “hand wash” cycle. If so, that’s the cycle to use. Use cold water and mild detergent (Woolite will do the trick).
  • Turn the embellished piece inside out and pop it into an old pastel or white pillow case (you don’t want the dye of the pillow case to run). Close the pillow case with a tight knot and proceed to wash.
  • Hang the damp garment over a rack or chair to dry, or flat-dry on a towel.
  • Steam if necessary.

I took the chance with this piece because I felt I had nothing to lose. The last time I took an embellished piece of knitwear to the cleaners, it came back a size smaller. Dry cleaning can also cause sequins to melt. Some items do deserve to be professionally laundered (I wouldn’t risk using Lucky Magazine’s laundry method with my partially sequined mesh and satin party dress, for example). My embellished skirt, on the other hand, is soon to befriend a damp pillowcase.