With the help of three fashion experts, Oprah explored how women from ages 30 to 70 can dress stylishly, fashionably and age-appropriately. The panel of stylists included Stacy London (host of America’s “What Not To Wear”), Lloyd Boston (author of “Before You Put That On”) and Charla Krupp (author of “How Not To Look Old”).

Between the three experts and a whole slew makeovers, many of the points made resonated strongly with my personal beliefs on style and fashion:

  • One mistake that women make is to shop by size rather than fit. Going up a size for the most flattering fit should be the main focus, and not the number on the size tag.
  • Body type, age and lifestyle dictate which trends will work for you and which won’t – not every trend works for every person.
  • Many women in America are hung up on comfort and wear clothes as if they are going to the gym (I believe comfort and style are important, but that sweats are for working out and lounging at home).
  • Dressing well causes people to sit up and take notice.
  • Handbags do not need to match shoes.
  • Patent is great at any age but in smaller doses as you get older. Less is more as you age.
  • You can wear cream and white through Autumn and Winter as long as the fabric of the garment is season-appropriate.
  • If you wear clothing that is waist-conscious, you will always have a flattering silhouette.
  • Women at any age can wear classic and sophisticated looks.
  • A pair of good jeans can make you look 10 years younger.

The experts also made some points that can be true in some situations, but really depend on your body type:

  • The older you are, the slimmer you should go on a wide-leg pant. Wide-leg pants are best with chunky heels and boots as opposed to thin-heeled stilettos.
  • Pencil skirts are a great look for women in their 50’s and over because it gives the body a great shape.
  • You should wear high neck blouses if you are feeling bad about your neck because it draws the eye upward to the face.

One other point: While the style makeovers were impressive for that TV moment, the crux to having style is maintaining it from day to day. Perhaps this topic will get covered another time. Do you agree with the fashion experts? If you didn’t see the show, there is a lot of coverage and extra material on Oprah’s website.