Sweater coats are not at the top of my list because they can look sloppy, robe-like and generally unflattering. But I understand their cozy, comfy and ultra-casual appeal. If you don’t feel the cold as much as I do, then the right weight of sweater coat might make an ideal cover-up for milder outside temperatures. It’s also a nice item to wear when it’s a dash chilly indoors.

Finding a flattering sweater coat is all in the cut:

  • Keep it A-line. Not all welts taper, but the ones that do are harder to wear.
  • Keep it tailored on the torso and fitted at the shoulders.
  • Keep the gauge of the knit fine or semi-chunky because few people look good in chunky knits.
  • Don’t go too long in the length unless you’re tall (above the knee is best).
  • Make sure that the belt loops are correctly positioned if the style is belted (adjust the position of the belt if necessary).
  • Watch that patch pockets on the hip area don’t add unnecessary bulk.

The right sweater coat is an appropriate addition to your wardrobe if there’s a boho element to your style. I personally prefer real coats with a bit more structure, but horses for courses. It’s fab that there’s something for everyone.

Design History Hand Knit Mix Stitch Car CoatCue & Emm 'Princess' Sweater CoatCurio Balloon Yarn Sweater Coat

Unbelted styles tend to look less like robes and are certainly my preference this season. Add a little volume to the sleeve (like the style on the left) and you’ve got yourself a funky little casual look.