If you’re a redhead and you’ve never tried wearing purple, you are missing out. It might be the best colour for your skin and hair combination. “Red” hair is normally more a shade of orange, and nothing brings out the colour orange more than the right shade of purple. Orange/yellow shades and purple/blue shades oppose each other on the colour wheel, which means that they are “complementary”. So this wild colour combination also makes sense from a scientific point of view.

Remember that purples fall into either blue tones or pink tones and it’s a question of finding which purple is best for your particular shade of hair. I’ve found that a muted pinky-purple is an all-round fab colour for red heads. But various shades of purple from eggplant to raspberry to magenta to mauve to lilac will work too. Stunning Julianne Moore wore a muted purple dress to her movie premiere a few months ago… I rest my case.