It’s hard to give strict guidelines for selecting the sunglasses that will work best for you. With variables such as face outline, eyebrows, cheekbones, eye-width, complexion, age and fashion persona to consider, I find it impossible to generalize. But I do feel that there are three key factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Proportions are important. Oversized sunglasses remain a huge fashion statement, but they look silly when they are too big for your face. Larger and taller women have the dimensions to pull off the oversized sunglasses look well because a balance is struck. The bigger you are, the bigger you can sport your accessories. So if you’re small boned and petite, watch how oversized you go with your sunglasses.
  • Your eyebrows frame your face. In most cases it makes sense for your shades or specs to follow the same line as your eyebrows. I tend to prefer it when eyebrows are covered by sunglasses because this makes a cleaner statement.
  • Contrast is striking. Pairing a round face with angular sunglasses (shades that have rims with sharp points) works really well. A similar contrast is created when pointy facial features are paired with rounder sunglasses. Striking differences are appealing and eye-catching and somehow I’m always drawn to them. The same way polka dots are superbly complimented by rectangular handbags.

While there are always exceptions to the rule, these factors may help to narrow down your choices from the extensive selection of available sunglasses.

Juicy Couture 'Country Club 2' Square Frame Sunglasses Giorgio Armani Classic Rectangle Sunglasses

Both models wear the oversized look well. I’m a sucker for classic retro black shades.