This invention blows me away. Have you ever longed for a shoe that goes from heel to flat at the push of a button? Well, apparently a British Insurance Company by the name of Sheila’s Wheels has invented just that. They’re called Sheila’s Driving Heels and the idea seems too good to be true. According to Sheila’s Wheels:

The design concept is aimed at those 11.5 million women drivers in the UK who put themselves and others at risk by wearing the wrong footwear when they’re behind the wheel.

I don’t think that the product is for sale, but it’s fun to think about. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing the info that you found on Gadgetcandy. With technology like this in the pipeline, who knows what’s in store for us next… look out, 007!

Sheila Driving Heel Driving Heel Operation Driving Heel in Action