Absolutely. Finding a fab pair of jeans can be challenging, so when you come across a pair that you love because they’re comfortable and fit well; it’s worth every penny. You will feel glorious in them and will wear them constantly, thereby whittling down the cost-per-wear to nothing.

I have an assortment of denim price points in my wardrobe (from $49 to $170). And while all my jeans fit well, my $170 AG “Angels” are definitely a cut above the rest. I’ve had them for years and they’ve retained their colour and shape a lot better than my cheaper versions. They also don’t seem to grow after I’ve worn them for a couple of days. My Abercrombie & Fitch jeans ($89) faded badly after a few months, while my Arden B denims ($118) look brand new after having them for a year.

I’m not brand conscious but enjoy good quality and expensive jeans generally seem to look newer for longer. Enjoy a pricier pair of jeans if that’s what works best for your body type. You are worth it.