You’ll keep your boots looking brand new for years if you look after them. It’ll only take a little effort and a small investment of time. Here’s what to do:

  • Use boot shapers and keep them upright. There are countless types to choose from (the cheapest for as little as $9). If that’s still too much effort, rolled up magazines tied with rubber bands (to get a cylindrical form) will also do the trick.
  • Clean them regularly. Boot polish or cream that you apply with a cloth and then brush are best. There are a multitude of fancy formulas out there that boast better results (like sprays and special sponges), but none are as effective as old fashioned boot polish.
  • Spray on a water repellent formula. The Teflon coating keeps out rain and prevents stains.
  • Remove odours. Stay fresh using a shoe deodorant.

Boots are expensive and usually a statement piece. Give them a little extra attention and they’ll take care of you for a lot longer.

Boot Shapers  Shoe Cream

Find boot shapers and shoe cream at your local grocery store, drugstore, online stores or specialist shoe stores.