I’ve never seen Ann Taylor look as good as it does right now. Their March collection is unexpectedly magnificent. Both striking and sophisticated, the range sports a mod myriad of exciting black and white, op-art inspired designs in updated and commercial silhouettes. Mixing and matching these items could not be simpler. And their items are not just for the modern classics among us. Remember that you can completely change the mood of a classic garment by matching it up with an avant garde piece and funky accessories.

Ann Taylor continues to live up to it’s reputation of immaculate quality and pristine tailoring. They stock sizes 0-12 in store and 00-18 online (petites included). Be sure to give their costume jewelry counter a once-over as well – it is their best kept secret. Solid, timeless and well made  accessories at affordable prices are hard to find.


The pictures of Ann Taylor‘s unusually current March range speak for themselves.