Esprit is a German chain store and a brand known for it’s uncomplicated, sporty European style and clean-cut, crisp looking merchandise. Their fit is roomier than fellow European retailers and quality usually superior. They offer casual and smart casual clothing / accessories for men and women at affordable prices.

Esprit was a great brand to own in the ‘80’s and early 90’s, but battled a bit when giants like H&M and Zara took over most of the European contemporary fashion scene. Suddenly their look seemed expensive and basic (sound familiar?). In a world where people want more for their fashion dollar, Esprit was forced to make changes. They realized that “basic was less desirable” and are back on the map. Their casual wear is once again a strength for both the funky urbanite and modern classic.

Esprit is available all over Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada. You’ll find stand alone stores in New York City, but elsewhere in the United States Nordstrom is your only option. I’ve recently added Esprit items back into my wardrobe and thoroughly recommend them. Perhaps the Gap could look to Esprit for inspiration?

V-neck Print TeeWashed Stripe BlazerBelt Blazer

Western Check BlazerZip CardiganScoop Ruff Sweater

Esprit are doing a great job of educating customers on their websites. These styles show how effortlessly their items can be layered and co-ordinated. Try creating similar casual combinations with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.