The preppy look is another flashback to ’80’s fashion. Tommy Hilfiger and J. Crew immediately spring to mind as pioneers of this collegiate trend. Oversized crisp collared pastel shirts, bright argyle knitwear, skinny satin ties, baggy jeans, loafers and sailing shoes are what we remember best of this look that was quite the statement twenty years ago. Now it’s back with tailored style.

Casual or smart, anyone can wear this trend with a few basic items:

  • Geometric knitwear is key. Think form-fitting sleeveless knitted pullovers or cardigans (vests) with argyle and striped designs in either bright or neutral colours.
    • For a casual look, wear them over crisp collared button down shirts (white is a good choice) un-tucked over jeans with either fashion sneakers or flats and a tailored pinstriped blazer.
    • For a smarter look, wear them over an un-tucked soft blouse, tailored pants, heeled shoes or boots and a trench coat or pinstriped blazer.
  • Pearls are the best accessory to finish this look off with. A short strand and/or studs will do the trick.

Re-invent this updated preppy trend if you happen to have argyle knitwear in your wardrobe already. Keep it simple, neat and tailored and you won’t go wrong.


Preppy knitwear (cardigan, pullover and sleeveless pullover, or vest) from J. Crew and Bluefly.