American fashion designer Michael Kors has a budding $260 million empire and is probably best known for his impeccably modern and elegant handbags. He’s been in the fashion game for 25 years and has learnt a thing or two about dressing women well. Glamour magazine recently revealed his laws of style and upon reading them; I was instantly captured by their familiar truth. I’d like to share them with you: 

  • Try on your entire outfit before any major event – this way you won’t be caught unaware with underwear, shoes and accessories that don’t work.
  • Edit your wardrobe regularly – the only items that you should have hanging in your wardrobe are those that you love and know look good. That way you won’t be fussed with what to wear each day and you’ll have the time to dress in a way that expresses who you are.
  • Quality doesn’t have to be expensive – well designed items come at every price.
  • Shop in stores that have liberal return policies – take items home and try them on with what you have to make sure that they work for you and your lifestyle.
  • Have a signature piece – it’s the most classic way to look chic. Zone in on one item every season (boots, sunglasses, coat or bag) and spend the most that you can afford. Wear it with everything!
  • Mix glam with throw away chic – Spend on timeless basics that you wear constantly, and go cheap on ultra trendy items. A fabulous coat in a neutral colour is always in style, but a bubble skirt isn’t.
  • Get your clothes tailored – not even a $2000 coat will look special if it doesn’t fit you perfectly. Clothing bought straight off the rack is bound to fit poorly some of the time, no matter how well proportioned you are.

Add to that we must dress for our body types and be comfortable in the clothes that we wear, and you’ll have a great foundation on which to build your own personal style. It’s music to my ears ladies – listen and learn.