Ballet flats are the new look of comfort and style. Round, pointy and square toed alike – they’re all fabulous and extremely feminine. They are here in full force for autumn and perfect for right now, just before we’re in boots fighting off the cold and rain for months on end. Wear them all season if temperatures remain mild where you live – you can’t go wrong.

Ballet flats (or “skimmers” as they’ve been referred to this season) are very versatile. They’ll work both in casual and smarter dress codes. Wear them with:

  • Either bootcut or skinny jeans and pants
  • Walk shorts 
  • Leggings and a tunic length top
  • A pencil skirt if you are at least regular height (5’4″ and above)

Give your precious feet a rest from heels and treat yourself to ballet flats. Patent, red, black, metallic and leopard would be my top choices this season. This fashionable and practical shoe option is just what the doctor ordered for those of us who need to zoot around at high speeds all day. Mums and urbanites – enjoy this fantastic trend!

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