Women are fortunate when it comes to dressing for warm summer weddings and occasions – breezy dresses and open toe sandals without hose is perfectly acceptable attire. Gents, on the other hand are expected to swelter in shirt, tie, jacket, socks and closed shoes unless otherwise stated on the invitation. Are there cooler dressing options for men for formal occasions? This has been a frequent “Ask Angie” over the last few weeks.

Unfortunately, if the dress code is formal, men will still have to bring a dinner jacket, and wear socks with dressy shoes. They can, however, drop the tie:

  • The Prada look: An ultra trendy look of black pants, black pinstripe shirt, black jacket and no tie. Alternatively, try an iridescent navy, brown or burgundy shirt instead of a black pinstripe one. As long as the ensembles’ palette is dark and monochromatic, they’ll look formal enough. Tom Cruise often wears this look on the red carpet. It’s a super look for formal evening functions.
  • The light suit and bright shirt: A tan suit with any brightly coloured shirt usually works best for this look. It’s always festive to wear a bright colour in summer which makes this ensemble especially suitable.

Dressy collared shirts will allow gents to look formal enough without ties. With a spot of luck there will be air conditioning as well.

The Prada look from Nordstrom, and Light suit with bright shirt from Macy’s, both formal, but without ties.