NYDJs are ideal for mature women carrying weight around their midsection. The brand is marketed as the “tummy tuck jean that’s made for real women with curves.”  It’s available in regular and petite and up to a size American 16. Their cut has a girdle effect for the tummy area with straight or boot cut shaped leg widths. They are also offered in dark washes which are always a better idea when it come to denim.

I cannot take credit for finding this brand of jeans. My friend Laurel (another personal dresser at Dress for Success Seattle) took a chance and bought them for a friend’s 68 year old mother who is a perfect size 12P. They fitted absolutely splendidly! They were updated, chic and elegant. Well done to Laurel for getting her friend’s Mum jeans on the absolute first try (a tall order for most) and thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. 

You might not be the target customer for NYDJ’s, but if you know some else who might be – pass on the good news.


NYDJs from Nordstrom.