Some of the biggest fashion disasters happen with tops that are made out of jersey. Jersey is a thin, clingy and unforgiving fabric. Jersey tops reveal the outline of every part of your torso, and this is not for everybody. Men and women with a little extra around the middle who wear low rise pants and clingy jersey tops unfortunately resemble muffin tops. This blog entry is a sequel to “rising above your belly”, which encouraged ladies who carry a bit of weight around their waist to wear higher rises. Now that you have a solution for your bottom, what should you do for your top?

Here are a few solutions:

  • Wear knits other than jersey – look for cotton, viscose and merino wool blends. Their thicker texture is less clingy, more flattering and very versatile.
  • Layer your clothes – this will draw attention away from your mid section. Pop another layer…
    • under your knitted /woven top (e.g. camisole or longer length t-shirt)
    • over your knitted/woven top (e.g. jacket or cardigan)
  • Look for prints and texture – knits with textures and prints have better “camouflaging capabilities” then plain versions do.
  • Wear button down woven blouses and shirts – the rigidity of form fitting garments made of woven fabric will skim the contour of your body perfectly and give you a pretty waistline.

Stay away from jersey and opt for chunkier knitted tops or shapely woven shirts to eliminate “muffin top” syndrome.